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July 13, 2010
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Character Sketches Plz View by RadioactiveSoda Character Sketches Plz View by RadioactiveSoda
My mom got me a small booklet of rip-off cards for notes so I don't write on my hand anymore...but I wound up doodling on them instead... =w=;;

Sketches are numbered so it isn't confusing when I explain each one.

1. Random doodle and an experiment at a new style, I like this chick though, she might serve useful later...

2. Another random chick, she looks tough and badASS though, might use her later...

3. AAAAAHHHHH look who it iiissssss! You might not recognize her because I changed her look and attitude a bit. She's a persona from my old account ~KitsuneMusume, it's KiT!!! :D Probably going to bring her back with the changes in appearence and attitude.

4. Another old persona from ~KitsuneMusume, Sesh. :)

5. ANOTHER old persona from ~KitsuneMusume, Mack. :)

6. The final persona I had on ~KitsuneMusume, Katy(renaming her to Fiona), and her boyfriend Joseph, I'll be giving these two a great romance and story ;)

7. Darth x Sesh!!!! :la: My favorite couple from the old days back at ~KitsuneMusume. Darth was my, what I call, "comfort character" the one who's YOUR persona's boyfriend and you daydream and do stories about them whenever you feel sad and it's like they're comforting you~ *w* girls know what I mean >>;

I miss this couple, I will be doing a lot more with them as well~ >w< And I miss Darthie-kins :heart:w:heart:

Two random charas (we'll call them Melissa and Dorothy for now >w<), KiT, Sesh, Mack, Fiona, Joseph, and Darth (c) :iconradioactivesoda:
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Hmm I debated for a while about how to best comment this as it is seven drawings in one, so I decided to comment on each individually in the same comment box.

1. Melissa, lovely name and lovely design, though one thing comes to mind here: Boobs lol.

2. Dorothy eh? Hahah gotta love her kicked back and relaxed pose. I look forward to her development.

3. KiT ah a badass if there ever was one. I love her new style and the pose speaks droves about her.

4. Sesh, cute as a button and looks like she wouldn't hurt a fly.

5. Mack, my personal favorite, simple and cute!

6. Fiona and Joseph, they look like a more elegant pair with a cool persona about them. I can't wait for the story.

7. Ahh to be hugged by the one your trust the most, what a feeling! Love the emotion here.

Nice work.
RadioactiveSoda Aug 2, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much! >w< I always love to hear such detail~
iimokookie Jul 25, 2010  Student General Artist
I envy that you can make characters that touch each other so easily D8 I can't see that you erased anything! *envies* T^T lol great job on those sketches X3
RadioactiveSoda Jul 25, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :D
iimokookie Jul 26, 2010  Student General Artist
You're welcome :glomp: =D
Ava-the-wolf Jul 15, 2010  Student Writer
i love it!!!!!
KaitohKurosaki Jul 15, 2010
Ohhh, I realy like the 2nd,6th, and 7th. Overall drawings get their awesome points multiplied if you give them bold gestures or poses. Really really good work Katy ^^
RadioactiveSoda Jul 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :D
Andy-the-fairy-fox Jul 14, 2010
nice job
Really nice work =3
I like how you did the poses and the expressons is great.
it is nice too see some old personas =D
And i must say i just love how you have drawed nummer 2, nice pose and she looks like she have attitude XD love it!
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